“Absolutely Love the yoga co. events, the beautiful yoga flows always leave me feeling empowered (and a good amount of sweaty!). Feeding my soul as well as my body with all the amazing food! Jenna has me trying new dishes and fills me with inspiration to try new things. It truly is an all round magical experience, beautifully thought out from beginning to end.” Laura, The Tired Mums Club

“I absolutely adore attending your Yoga workshops for many reasons! The yoga is always brilliant but, the thing I love the most is that it feels like a community and the like minded people you get to meet. I also love the collaborations with guests, the last workshop with Lauren Fraser was wonderful and I felt very empowered as a women after leaving. The food is AMAZING! Being plant-based myself I learn so many new recipes which I love – the banana bread is my favourite!! Katja Nunn

“There is such a relaxed and friendly vibe at the lunch clubs and I left feeling happy, peaceful and physically enriched. It’s a unique experience and I can’t wait to go to the next one!” Chloe Shrubb

“I honestly can’t recommend The Yoga Co. more highly. Jessica is a wonderful teacher, really inspiring and passionate and teaches all levels of student with ease and a natural patience. After practice be rest assured that you will not go hungry!  Jenna is passionate about vegan cooking and serves up imaginative, colourful and plentiful plates, and she is always happy to share her recipes which is a lovely touch.” Jenn Squires

“A brilliant, chilled vibe with a room full of amazing women. Bringing something totally different and unique to Hertford!” Jess, The Mama Hive

“I just love the flow of energy and positivity the team install in me! Each time I leave with a happy mind and relaxed body” Dulcie Pryslopski

From the moment I walk in I feel myself relax, it’s always such a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Uplifting, energising and calm all at the same time! The whole day is such a treat!Sally Barnecutt

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