To keep learning and challenging ourselves so that we can be + deliver our best for our community, continuously flexing our style as we become more educated, letting our business transform organically as we grow and expand our consciousness

To hold space for everyone. All genders, colours, sexual preferences, and abilities, anyone and everyone is welcome to sit with us

To listen to you, create space and honour your feedback & to deliver more of what the world needs – compassion and love

To honour our bodies and encourage you to do the same, in every shape and size

To work with our values of sustainability and doing our best for the planet, minimising our waste and impact on the environment wherever we can, from running our events, retreats and sourcing our resources sustainably

To make sure we recognise our privileged and work in solidarity with oppressed groups in the struggle for justice.

To make sure that our foundations are solid, that we are doing the work and showing Yoga the cultural appreciation it deserves, checking ourselves and our peers and calling out appropriation

To actively do our best to include guests and collaborators from all walks of life with all talents and stories to share

To teach Yoga as a whole, with pranayama and meditation, and not a sole focus on asana.