Jessica V2

Jessica first found her personal practise first through affirmation and meditation. This led to the beautiful path of asana, which transformed her life, by creating balance and a relationship of deep self-love that is always ongoing. As yogi student & teacher Jessica is committed to continuing self-development and inspiring self-love throughout classes. Her spiritually and passion for nature & our connection to the planet & universe is woven into her down to earth and authentic teaching style. Jessica enjoys leading a rigorous, physical practise for her students, helping to create space in the mind, build strength and resilience that students can take off the mat with them.

Jenna V2Jenna is a freelance vegan chef with a background in catering & events. Since turning plant based in 2017 she has studied and gained her Vegan and Vegetarian Nutritionist Diploma, and develops her menus to uphold that balance of deeply satisfying but heartily nourishing. Focusing on wellness from the inside out, Jenna curates our menus with seasonal eating at the forefront, and sustainably sourcing of local produce, cooking with little to no waste, and using the whole vegetable as part of our key principles and foundation.