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The Yoga Co. run unique experiences at their Yoga & Lunch workshops. Collaborating with a whole host of gorgeous healers, guides and therapists to incorporate and integrate all aspects of a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.

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With a deep focus on creating safe and nurturing spaces for self-care, wellness, community and self-love. The Yoga Co. is open to all levels of yogi, and curates a balance between dynamic, fiery Vinyasa practices as well as slow, deeply nourishing Yin.

Our lunch clubs are all plant-based, and tailored to work with the seasons, leaving our yogis glowing from the inside out

We are all about friendship, and opening our community to anyone who wants to share in deepening their practice, nurturing their souls and nourishing their bodies. It’s a club built from sweaty yoga sessions, nights filled with laughter, red wine and great food.